Transport & Logistics

t&l picT&L companies today are affected by a myriad of different maritime and geopolitical risks, particularly in emerging markets. We can help you successfully identify and navigate the types of factors listed below in which your company may be faced with. They  include:





  • The impact of increased volumes of maritime trade on infrastructure as well as regulatory and enforcement mechanisms;

  • Trade, politics/diplomacy and security;

  • Capacity limits at ports, poor road and train networks, and lack of skilled labor have contributed to inefficiencies in the commodity chains binding the region’s East and West flanks together;

  • Inadequate infrastructure in the face of increased trade volumes creating logistical and transportation logjams;

  • Maritime and airfreight over-capacity built up prior to the 2008 recession has had negative consequences on shipping rates and consequently transportation sector profits;

  • Trans-Pacific trade volumes and freight rates;

  • Inter-relation between shipping capacity limits, ship-building and air cargo services;

  • Government variation in regulatory interpretation and sometime interference;

  • The absence of effective regulatory and security enforcement due to the increase in the economic utility of South Pacific resources;

  • Abuse of Sovereign Tokens – includes commercial shipping regulations, violations of international fishing standards under flags of convenience registrations;

  • Intra regional differences relating to security or police entities with multinational or regional jurisdiction;

  • Many parts of the South Pacific being de facto unregulated;

  • The absence of a regional enforcement capacity and limited national capabilities;

  • Opportunities for illicit ventures (such as piracy, arms, drug and human trafficking and illegal fishing).


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