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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

36th Parallel Assessments is a non-partisan, non-governmental geopolitical risk and strategic analysis consultancy. Located in Auckland, New Zealand, 36th Parallel Assessments offers tiered political risk, market intelligence and strategic forecasting services. It combines open source intelligence and trend analysis, qualitative subject studies and targeted research on matters of economic, political and social import from a South Pacific perspective. In doing so 36th Parallel Assessments serves as a window on national and regional trends, including the activities of extra-regional powers and actors in the Trans-Pacific context.

Its mission is two-fold: more generally, to provide independent analysis of geopolitical and geostrategic issues to public and private entities; and more specifically to facilitate constructive dialogue between public and/or  private clients. By identifying regional windows of opportunity 36th Parallel Assessments offers clients potential avenues for productive exchange. By identifying regional risks  36th Parallel Assessments helps clients avoid losses.

When you register as a free subscriber with 36th Parallel you will have access to freely available open source intelligence and information. Registration allows  free email receipt of the latest 36th Parallel publications.

But do you wish to go deep?

As a free client you will have access to valuable geopolitical information and evaluations. But 36th Parallel also contains deep analysis, assessments and forecasts located within protected Security Levels.

Access Price List:

Level-A (Free Access – Reg. Open)

Level-B (1yr Client Access US$100 pa.)

Level-C (1yr Institutional Client Service US$1200.00 pa)

Level-D (Access and price details on application)

For New Zealand-based clients 15% GST is added to the above rates.

36th Parallel clients have access to value added services and products via a secure architecture:

– Level-A Free Access services provide members free access to analysis, assessments and forecasts (Click here for Free registration)

– Level-B Individual Client Services provide access to deep analysis, sector assessments, forecasts, and depositories containing collated open source information about the region.

[s2Member-PayPal-Button level=”2″ ccaps=”” desc=”Level-B Individual Client Services provide access to deep analysis, sector assessments, forecasts, and depositories containing collated open source information about the region.” ps=”paypal” lc=”” cc=”USD” dg=”0″ ns=”1″ custom=”” ta=”0″ tp=”0″ tt=”D” ra=”100.00″ rp=”1″ rt=”Y” rr=”BN” rrt=”” rra=”1″ image=”default” output=”button” /]

– Level-C Institutional Client Services provide access to targeted deep analyses of individuals, entities, country, regional and subject trends. This service is designed for organizations/entities and provides access for up to five individuals.

– Level-D Investigation Services offer directed assessments of discreet matters based on client needs.

For more info, we invite you to view our mission statement. (Payment can be made via secure Paypal transaction or contact Selwyn Manning via the contact form below. NZ clients note, list price is GST exclusive.)


See 36th Parallel’s Services and Products Sheet (pdf).

36th Parallel is also building a database titled: The Pacific Power List. This product will offer purchasers access to a regularly updated database of movers and shakers in the Pacific region, including The Politics List, and, The Business List – a who is who of sector based operators and point-people.

We are also asking you to make nominations to The Power List. You can do so by clicking here.

Click here for information on 36th Parallel Assessment’s directors: Paul G. Buchanan and Selwyn Manning.

We invite interested individuals, parties and entities to contact us to discuss our services and your regional intelligence, assessment, and forecasting needs.

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