Oil & Gas

oil and gThe Energy industry today is affected by a myriad of different geopolitical risks, particularly in emerging markets. Geo-political events can prevent the Energy industry from behaving in a perfectly economic-rational way. By partnering with your firm in taking care of your geopolitical intelligence requirements, we ensure a significant improvement in your ability to take advantage of commercially attractive opportunities in the Energy sector, whilst mitigating risk and helping you compete in a global marketplace. Some of the external factors that your company may be faced with include:




• Trade, politics/diplomacy and security;

• Energy policy change that is triggered by geopolitical events;

• Shrinking access to new oil & gas resources that is driven by political factors;

• Chronic geopolitical instability in key exporting regions;

• Concern over the security of sea lanes – Restrictions/freedom of passage;

• Supply disruption due to armed conflict;

• Sovereignty and maritime jurisdictional disputes in East and Southeast Asia, particularly in the East China Sea, South China Sea, and Gulf of Thailand;

• Territorial and maritime disputes that precludes meaningful oil & gas exploration activities;

• Resource/economic nationalism and protectionism;

• Inadequate infrastructure in the face of increased trade volumes creating logistical and transportation logjams;

• The absence of a regional enforcement capacity and limited national capabilities;

• The absence of effective regulatory and security enforcement due to the increase in the economic utility of South Pacific resources;

• Opportunities for illicit ventures (such as, piracy, arms, drug and human trafficking and illegal fishing);

• Terrorism;

• Government variation in regulatory interpretation and interference;

• Price volatility and unpredictability;

• Power shifts in the balance of oil supply and demand.


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