White supremacists left out of designated terrorists list

36th Parallel's principal, Dr Paul Buchanan.

Radio New Zealand reported that not a single right-wing extremist or white supremacist is listed on the United Nations’ register of terrorists. Police published the list of Designated Terrorist Entities exactly one week after the Christchurch terror attacks.

RNZ contacted 36th Parallel’s principal Dr Paul Buchanan for his view, he said for too long intelligence agencies had been solely focused on Islamic extremists.

“The ball’s been dropped when it comes to white extremists,” Mr Buchanan said.

“Unfortunately with the obsession with Islamicists, it seems that Western intelligence agencies, to include those in New Zealand, simply discounted or were unaware of the degree to which white extremists have copied Al Queda and ISIS’ playbook when it comes to recruitment and the planning of events.”

Mr Buchanan was referencing the use of the internet, with several internet forums and communities dedicated to white extremists.

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