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36th Parallel Assessments is a non-partisan, non-governmental geopolitical risk and strategic assessment consultancy. It combines open source intelligence analysis, qualitative studies and discrete fact-finding from a South Pacific perspective. As a portal on South Pacific geopolitics, 36th Parallel Assessments serves as a window on national and regional trends, including the activities of extra-regional powers and actors. Uniquely located in Auckland, New Zealand, 36th Parallel Assessments offers tiered political risk, market intelligence and strategic forecasting services. Call or email us today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Lead Dispatch

Analytic Brief: A primer on democratic intelligence oversight.

- 36th Parallel Dispatch - A primer on democratic intelligence oversight. Paul G. Buchanan NSA Worldwide SIGINT Platform 2013. Photo: NSA via Wikimeida Commons. Revelations about mass intelligence gathering by the US and its primary allies serve the useful purpose of highlighting the need for, and proper role of, intelligence oversight ... More... Analytic Brief: A primer on democratic intelligence oversight.

36th Parallel Assessments & Forecasts


Analytic Brief: Transitional Dilemmas.

36th Parallel Assessment/Forecast.

Western hostages kidnapped by the Kashmiri Isamicist group Al-Faran in 1995. Source: Al-Fadad via Wikimedia Commons.

Analytic Brief: Some advice about travel advisories.

36th Parallel Assessment/Forecast.


Analytic Brief: The Transition Tango in Fiji.

36th Parallel Assessment/Forecast.


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