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36th Parallel Assessments is a non-partisan, non-governmental geopolitical risk and strategic assessment consultancy. It combines open source intelligence analysis, qualitative studies and discrete fact-finding from a South Pacific perspective. As a portal on South Pacific geopolitics, 36th Parallel Assessments serves as a window on national and regional trends, including the activities of extra-regional powers and actors. Uniquely located in Auckland, New Zealand, 36th Parallel Assessments offers tiered political risk, market intelligence and strategic forecasting services. Call or email us today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Lead Dispatch

Analytic Brief: Transitional Dilemmas.

- 36th Parallel Dispatch - Analytic Brief: Transitional Dilemmas. Paul G. Buchanan Military handover to first constitutional government, Lesotho, June 6 2012. Photo: UN Development Program. Transitions from military-bureaucratic rule have been a salient characteristic of contemporary political dynamics. The desire to return to the bar ... More... Analytic Brief: Transitional Dilemmas.

36th Parallel Assessments & Forecasts

Western hostages kidnapped by the Kashmiri Isamicist group Al-Faran in 1995. Source: Al-Fadad via Wikimedia Commons.

Analytic Brief: Some advice about travel advisories.

36th Parallel Assessment/Forecast.


Analytic Brief: The Transition Tango in Fiji.

36th Parallel Assessment/Forecast.


Managing Political Expectations.

36th Parallel Assessment/Forecast.


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